Features / Benefits

  • Streamline Accessibility to Millions of Mobile Internet Users
  • Gain an Immediate Advantage Over the Competition
  • Your Own iPhone / iPod Touch App
  • Enhance Communication with Twitter Integration
  • Your Own iPhone / iPod Touch & Mobile Phone Formatted Website
  • Simple & Easy to Use
  • Your iPhone App & Mobile Website Contains:
    • Your home listings
    • Your agents
    • About your firm
    • News & Updates / Twitter Support
    • Client Testimonials
    • Your Contact Information
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Client Comments

I can´t believe I have my own iPhone App, this is so cool. I can´t tell you how useful this is, whenever I run across a pro spective client I can show them my listings right on my iPhone! Laura L.
Fort Worth, Texas
I carry my iPhone all the time for work and the app and web site helps me maintain my listings and keep track of everything. Sabrina S.
Scottsdale, Arizona
So helpful! A client was able to browse my listings and contact me right from his iPhone. The specially formatted website is perfect! Jim B.
San Diego, California
I got a call from a potential client the other day, he found my mobile site on his cell phone! Amazing technology... Jennifer C. Chicago
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Simple, Elegant & Affordable Apps!

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Attract New Customers using the Apple iTunes Store & Mobile Internet.

The number of people using the internet with their cell phones and mobile devices is enormous. Think of where the Internet was 10 years ago and you get an idea for the enormous exposure potential the mobile Internet has to offer your firm.

Connect with Existing Clients

By offering specialized access with cell phones and mobile devices your existing clients will have better access to your home listings, company news and contact information.

Gain an Immediate Advantage over your Competition

While mobile Internet use is growing exponentially, development of specialized mobiles sites by realtors has been slow. By offering another way for new and existing clients to locate your firm, your firm can attract new clients and better service your existing clientele.

Complete Our One Page Order Form

Our order form is quick and easy to complete.

Enter Your Content in Our Easy-to-Use Forms

Creating your iPhone App and Mobile Enhanced Website is done by completing simple web forms. If you can send email, you will have no problem creating your App.

That´s all, it Really is that Simple!

When you are done, we take it from there. If you have questions, no problem, we offer FREE technical support while you are a client.

Your App can be loaded on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Your App can run on any iPhone or iPod Touch. It can be downloaded and installed with iTunes just like any other App. Your app will be free to whoever wants to download it.

Your Mobile Enhanced Website is Specially formatted for viewing on mobile smart phones such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Palm Pre.

Along with your App, you also get a special mobile formatted website we call the Mobile Enhanced Website. Immediately following signing-up you will receive a special website address that will show your content in a form that is easy to browse and use on mobile devices.

Get Your Own iPhone App

You will receive your own company branded iPhone App, complete with your colors, logo and company information. No mention of PocketHouses.com will be on your App.

Get a Mobile Enhanced Web Site

You will receive a special website address that will that will show your content in a form that is easy to browse and use on mobile devices. Add this link to your existing standard web site so users browsing on a phone can better view your material.

Reach More Customers

Millions access the Internet each day with their phones and other mobile devices. These uses use Google and other search engines to look for information. By having an iPhone App and Mobile Enhanced Web Site you increase the odds they will locate you.

Better Connect with Current Clients

Your current clients will appreciate the convenience of being able to connect and contact you while they are mobile.

Extremely Affordable

Our prices are a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a company to develop your own iPhone App and Mobile Enhanced Website.

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